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In Search of Me

So, when it comes to fashion I pretty much have always had a sense of who I am and what I like. I sorta always just accepted my eccentricity, my innate desire for vibrancy and the escape that fantasy provides. My eclectic mix of styles, periods, colour and texture follow no real rules just instinct.

Maybe I was just born with this confidence, maybe it exists within most children and I just haven’t evolved into your typical ‘adult’ sense of style or maybe it was as simple as my mum telling me as a kid that I was amazing and could make a sack look fab.

If you had to examine my psyche or even just look at the first piece of jewellery I designed or heck if you check out the mosaics in my kitchen there is in fact some sort of pattern to my madness. Not intentional but instinctive and in a way an irony.

It's like I love the dramatic colours, mismatched textures, chaotic patterns, old bits and new bits and even the broken bits and then outta nowhere there is some neat and tidy black and white elements.

It's not like that just in my sense of fashion but in my life or well pilgrimage if you must say! See I am on this journey of life, filled with colour, raw and real and amazing clearly etched highs and lows – sorta like the black and whites but then there are the greys that I struggle with. Life’s lessons along this pilgrimage posture my struggles. I am so focused on the goal the; the end result that I forget to enjoy the small victories.

Yet it's often the process that we can control and not the end result. This process too needs to be celebrated and as long as we're giving it our best shot that’s progress enough. So, are you making progress – maybe you're not where you want to be as yet nor are you at the expected end result; but there is most certainly something in your life to be grateful for – your family, your friends and YOU. So, keep going, keep learning and remember to treat your companions on life’s pilgrimage with the love and respect they deserve.

Chill out on finding YOU and just be YOU wherever you're AT – you might just surprise yourself on what you learn along the way!

And travel lightly on life’s journey – lose the excess baggage beauties 😊

Oh and the fashion bits are here just in case you are wondering:

Skirt: I have had this piece since I was 12 a gift from my mum’s first trip to India – I hand sewed the skirt together and don’t have the heart to re-do the untidy child-like stitches.

Shoes: Another gift from my mum, she actually got those for me as a birthday gift while I was highly pregnant. I thought they were completely impractical but hey here I am rocking them 7 years later. Thanks MUM.

Jewellery: One of the first pieces I designed and literally my favourite most used everyday throw-them-over-everything game changing black and white African seed bead piece.

Photo Credit: Radzphotography


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