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I be F-L-A-S-H-Y not TRASHY

Well, Hello LADIES…It’s me and I am back…Yeah I’m bringing classy back. Right so it’s been a month since I came out of the proverbial “closet” or well launched my blog-baby. And what an exciting time, I need to hold up and say thank you!! Let’s celebrate this little success and work our way up. Birthday week too, and I do love a P-A-R-T-Y! And so yes, I have loads of party dresses but few parties to attend so good thing I have my blog, birthday and Christmas all coming up.

So, what was the inspiration behind this look. Okay here it goes – A week into my new home in CT - I was doing pretty much what I used to doing in Ireland minus the rain and occasional snow – pushing the bloody wheelie bin out in my pj’s. One, because I absolutely hate the site of the monstrosity parked in my front yard, and two, because my darling husband is always late for work and forgets every week without fail. So then, enters my neighbour’s gardener…we greet each other and start a convo. He asks me if I work at this house to which I reply no, I live here – and yes, I do work here but don’t get paid if you catch my drift. He then proceeds to ask me however did I manage to afford such a house – to which I reply – with a mortgage from the bank like most people do!! So that’s the true story behind these images, life in the Cape Town suburbs I tell you. I will proudly take out my own trash and perhaps not wear my pj’s.

I want to say hold up on the trash, you can be flashy with a whole lotta sass! And that’s me, stuck somewhere in suburbia with my heart and soul full of dreams. Not just pretty-dress-dreams, I want to stand out for all the right reasons, I want to own my space and make my mark.

I could end with a note of “keep your legs closed and open a book” or how about “stay a mystery and keep your clothes on” – but I am pretty sure you heard that from your Mamma and Grandma right, and who can ever forget the reminders to wear decent nickers in case you are ever in an accident …. Heeheehe…. Classy. So, ladies be original, stay real and yes, you bring that good kinda drama. You be special, you be beautiful, and you be YOU.

Love and hot sauce

Laani Raani

Dress: Khosi Nkosi YDE

Beaded Collar: Laani Raani Custom

Eye wear : H&M Kids

Photo Credit: Tegan Smith Photography


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