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I am organic .... Mind your Style

Geez, what am I on about right now seriously calling myself organic. So, yes you have heard of organic food or perhaps if you have been involved with corporate jargon you might have come across the term ‘organic growth’ in terms of business expansion? Here goes my not so Wikipedia version:

Organic Growth: It’s pretty much internal business growth – so no mergers, acquisitions or external investment. It’s using what you already have to grow your capabilities.

Organic Food: The only kind of food your grandparents ate at half the price, or less😊. It is basically food that has not been exposed to additives, pesticides or weird chemicals to make them grow super-fast (GMO stuff).

So how does this relate to me?

The truth is I do see beauty in most things (note my penchant of vintage and the discarded, aka, my treasure). I am generally optimistic and really do believe in the possibility of the impossible. But where does my confidence come from? The truth is that I have been bullied pretty much for as long as I can remember. I still remember been forced to tie and shine another girls shoes at school in Grade 1, called skeleton, golf sticks (because skinny legs) and all the better to see you (because of my big eyes) only then to have been loved by the oh so popular girls only to be discarded at a whim – I won’t forget the comment a girl wrote at the back of a class photo – “ You used to be conceited but now you are just perfect “. After years of been picked at for my looks, modelling found me – I was still really self-conscious especially about my skinny legs – guess that is what years of bullying does – but what modelling did do was to make me strong – you face rejection, but you just keep going! Often it has little to do with you, it is just that you’re not what they are looking for. I will never forget my first audition – I had no clue what to do, walked in and the casting director turns to cameraperson and says that’s the girl! I literally did nothing – but I was just me and I was enough skinny legs, inexperience, and all. I am an oddball for sure and I like it that way. I guess.

I took those skills with me as an accountant too … note to myself - I am a Rockstar, it doesn’t matter what I do, be it a stay at home mom, an accountant who holds her ground in the boardroom, I will stay up all night to bake a cake for a co-workers birthday and make them feel special. I wash up dishes at a friend’s dinner party, I make wonderful and weird birthday gifta, I create a style blog at a whim, write whatever I honestly think and hopefully soon become the fashion designer life has put in front of me. I might not have the skills but everything I actually need to succeed is already inside of me. Part magic, part optimism, part kindness and a whole lotta heart. It’s a tough industry and there’s a lot of bully’s in the here and now – but I will write my own rules and make my own way.

So do we all have the ability to be organic – yes off course we do – it’s about being fluid enough to change and it is also about the opportunities that forefront you. Trusting your heart and your own capabilities – grow internally – take your time, and pass on the pesticides and the additives because YOU, the same little YOU, that was conceived in your mama’s womb is enough and possibly even extra😊.

Use your magic for good and stay organic

Always keeping it fresh


Paris chronicles coming soon – because I want to share this incredibly fabulous, still pinching myself months later and seriously funny journey, with you too.

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