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About Us

Conscious Material and Considered Design: In harmony with our environment and together with circular design principles, reclaimed vintage fabrics and offcuts are skilfully transformed into apparel, packaging, jewellery, and homeware products.

Artisanally Crafted: We pay homage to classical craftsmanship by working with a small, highly skilled team of artisans to create one-of-a-kind sustainable pieces. Collaborations with local artists and artisans are at the heart of Laaniraani.

Ethical Practice: At Laaniraani, integrity, openness, collaboration, and individuality are highly valued.

Consciously Crafted: One and only ONE. Each Laani Raani product is unique. Days of handwork and craftsmanship go into every special piece. We offer made-to -order, bespoke design, and an aftercare service.

Hand-made with love.

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