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Introducing our Waste It Bustier Dress - On Commission Only, a one-of-a-kind patchwork landscape inspired art piece dress. This unique piece is made from hundreds of tiny scraps of fabric sewn together to create a stunning and intricate tapestry. Each dress is carefully crafted to be a truly individual work of art, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and zero waste. This dress is available exclusively on commission, ensuring that each piece is tailored to your personal style and size, colour palette. Embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion and make a bold statement with our Waste It Bustier Dress - On Commission Only.

Waste It Bustier Dress - On Commission Only

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  • Fabric is extremely limited as it is consciously sourced. This means that the pre-ordered garment might not come in exactly the same fabric as the image. You will be consulted regarding fabric print options available. If you have seen a different design  on our social media that you are interested in and does not appear on our website, please reach out to us below:


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