When you’re feeling blue

Yep it's one of those times; probably the flu and pms but I most certainly have been feeling the blues. I have been sick since Christmas eve and just can’t shake this feeling off. I guess the lesson I'm learning is to press pause – faith and patience are God’s greatest tests in strength and endurance.

Knowing when your body, mind and soul need a pause and rewind is vital. But it’s time now for me to press play – slow and steady - I am gonna get up and get dressed and that’s probably the hardest part – the rest is history as they say! Knowing that God’s grace will meet you where you're – sick, sad, good, bad and ugly. I have been feeling guilty about been sick, missed opportunities and joys that can never be recovered – but I figured God has a plan for me from this day and it’s perfect. I plan not to let my past deprive me of my present blessings. So onward and upward here I come.

For some reason I have a connection to colour and clothing – strange way my mind works. One thing I know is for sure to lift my mood and my butt are my fav jeans and my ‘beat the blues’ denim shirt. Just like that red dress or lip – denim has the power to shift the scales in the confidence department. Here’s my take on what’s up for grabs in 2018.

From unconventional cuts and interesting finishes to size-inclusive, denim is at an exciting place right now. It is receiving all types of sartorial love from me right now. There has been a major upgrade in the hems department along with a renewed passion for patchwork. And you know me – I am a bits and bob’s girl so some DIY sari patchwork is most certainly on the cards. There is also a shift from skinny jeans toward a cosier and comfier boyfriend cut; double yay post the silly season eat feast. Here are some denim trends that you should definitely give a shot, no matter your mood or budge.

  1. Vintage refresh

Do you know what the best part about revamping classic jeans is? Well, you can raid your mom’s closet for a free pair! This demand for retro-inspired denim is the perfect alternative to the paper-thin stretchy fabric that has dominated the fashion game in recent years. Your bum will thank you for this! Check me out in my retro inspired jumpsuit from H&M paired with my favourite vintage saree blouse I inherited as a teenager.

  1. Cropped hems

Want to get your favourite footwear noticed? Try no other than cropped hem jeans that is taking the fashion world by storm. When the weather is still hot like now, pair them with sandals. You can switch to ankle boots in winter. You can go for high waist and ankle crop in the perfect shade of blue, as these pieces are here to stay for years to come. Go on crop an old pair with some scissors!!

  1. Denim on denim

Once a faux pas, denim on denim has now become a trend. Here’s my attempt to carrying this style off with swag. I matched my on-off-duty double denim with my fav custom Laani Raani jacket I made a couple of years ago. While wearing denim on denim, darker washes create a slimming effect and lighter shades draw attention to the body areas.

  1. Two-toned denim

Make a style statement with a pair of two-toned jeans. Want to elevate your outfit to the next level? Try colour blocking with jeans. Two-toned denims are available in a number of cuts or you can dip dye an old pair. Maybe spray paint an old pair – imagine the possibilities of a blinged out hem! If you are looking for a slimming style, you can always try a pair that cuts up colour right down the middle.

Right time for me to bust a move and enjoy some sunshine. No matter what shape you are- petite or plus size – denim is super chic, versatile never fail to amaze people. On the blueprint that’s you!

Wear blue and don’t feel blue

Laani Raani

Photo Cred: Radz Photography Cape Town.

Location: The Stunning deluxe boutique hotel in Claremont: The Andros (www.andros.co.za)

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