Suit UP, Show UP and Speak UP

It’s super late; my 7-year old’s snuggled up in my bed, the baby monitor is on and the annoying sleep-inducing music app. is blaring in the background. Mr Big is working the night shift again and I can’t fall off to sleep.

This year has been just weird so far; I’ve been sick for all of January, in fact so sick that I decided to call it quits on breastfeeding my little guy after 2.5 years because my body was feeling the toll. To make matters worse my heart is sore because I miss those special moments of breastfeeding. A busy body like me needs those moments where I literally can’t do anything else.

He feels it too and has serious separation anxiety so-much- so-that we have decided to hold off on me being an accountant for now. And there I was hoping to be a boss lady again – earning the money honey and giving Mr Big sometime to finish off his dissertation.

To add to the mix there’s the other drama – hormone’s have gone mental – a period pretty much 7days on 7days off! PMS hell, pimples, persistent periods and zero post breastfeeding boobs. I feel like the female version of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 – so it seems fitting to wear a boy’s suit and write random facts about sanitary pads and their disastrous impact on the environment.

Yes, I do care about the environment!

Yes, I am part boss lady and yes I do believe the future is female; hell I’m Laaniraani but right now I’m mostly mush;an over eating chocolate machine with undeniable craving for Nik Naks !!

So , as Mr Big says – You will live – Trauma doctor lingo ! Going to the gynae, getting off the pill, getting a pap smear (because that’s what responsible woman do!), using my menstrual cup, wearing a padded bra and cleaning my make up brushes….boom I’m back like a BOSS!

Equal parts swagger and smarts please


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In case you missed getting my spreadsheet jargon sanitary pads rant here are some interesting facts:

Fact 1: You would have your PERIOD approx. 456 times over a period of 38 years.

Fact 2: Over a life time you would have consumed approximately 12000 tampons or pads

Fact 3: You will spend at least R22k/€1.5k over a lifetime

Fact 4: A pad takes approx. 500 - 800 years to decompose. Think about THAT

Fact 5: Tampons take approx. 6 months to decompose

So, my question is, what happens to those 12000 pads or tampons we who are fortunate enough to afford have consumed? What will happen if millions more woman across the third and developing countries now have access to pads and tampons?

Think about it girls, a pad is in fact mostly plastic, the backing sheet, dry feel top and the weird silicone stuff they put so it doesn't leak and what about the wrapper and the packaging it comes in.

Did you know that the female sanitary pad/tampon industry is forecast to grow 5% annually mainly due to government initiatives in developing countries?

We have advanced and continue to advance in all areas of technology. This is a basic requirement, nothing new here. Women have been having periods since the beginning of time and it ain't going anywhere!

Girls know your options and what it costs to you and your environment. Consider using a menstrual cup, it's affordable in the long run and it’s recyclable. Another option is to try out reusable cloth pads? Or even use a combination, menstrual cup/reusable pad on your light days and then on the heaviest days use a tampon or pad.

Note, I have scanned data on the web but have based these numbers on my own experience as a consumer ~ the only real validation.

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