Stop! Wait a minute … Look at THAT Girl How to Rock Red on Red

Nothing screams look at me like RED. There's a reason why stop signs and fire engines are red, to grab your attention. When I think RED I think Spanish Matador. Strange fact…it’s a total myth that the colour red drives bulls wild when in fact bulls are colour blind!

Well, truth be told most of us humans aren't colour blind. Red usually evokes strong emotion. For me, I tend to sense the first stirrings of romance but mostly I feel boldness, fearlessness and oh so fabulous. It’s the perfect balance between being loud and ultra-feminine. Just like a bold red lip, red has the power to boost your mood and send your confidence soaring.

Never fear there’s the perfect red out there for all skin tones. When I imagine red I think food, Kashmiri chilli powder, red wine and cherry tomatoes. The top trend in 2017 seems to be all red; head to toe with understated make up and accessories. Pretty much a print free feminine silhouette that lets the red shine through.

As with most things I am a bit of a rebel so yes, I went with red on red but opted for a bit of wild print & a textured top in my outfit choice. I unintentionally varied the shades of red between my top and skirt. My top was such a bargain find. It was actually a dress which had an awful fit and a missing belt. So, I snipped of the bottom and ended up with the most amazing statement top. I love the exaggerated sleeves and its textured feel. It so has a D&G vibe, right? My skirt is another bargain from the South African high street chain I love, MRP. Being an African girl at heart I do love me some animal print and this skirt delivers! This skirt has the perfect modern-retro touch. It’s so flattering as it nips me in at the waist, flares out femininely and is the perfect length. Finally, I sprinkled my look with a tad bit of drama aka my fabulous gold Zara statement boots and finished it off with a pretty red lip. And off -course my signature red bindhi because I like putting pretty things on my face too. I kept my hair in a timeless centre path low pony. Truth be told this is my go to hair style, it requires minimum effort and looks uber chic.

Trends may come and go but this classic combo is a style keeper. After all, Indian brides have been rocking the red sari and bindhi for centuries ensuring that no one outshines these brides. Red has the power to make you look and feel fabulous. So, go on then shop your wardrobe or go splurge on something red, you’re going be wearing these pieces for years to come, I pretty promise!! As always, I hope to have inspired you. Have fun, be bold, be you and rock it like a LAANIRAANI.

Shoot Location: The seriously inspiring Zollanvari Showroom in Claremont. This is the most fabulous treasure trove of Persian rugs and textiles. I just love the craftsmanship in this ancient art form of rug making. The colours, textures and tribal feel are so up my alley. Leah and her team where most generous allowing us to shoot as we pleased. Sending them much floor love and will most certainly visit soon.

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