Retro Raani Bridal Inspiration 2018 – Bridal Beauty Guide

It’s been just over a decade since I was last a bride … and if I were to do it again, which I have no intention of doing might I add, I would definitely rock this modernised Retro Raani inspired look that I pulled together on a whim as I do most things. This might very well be the year that many of you might be getting married so here are some of my top tips to looking like a million bucks without blowing the bank.

The Dress – Upcycle – Recycle Baby

  1. Fact – It’s not all about the dress – it’s about you in the dress! YOU wear the dress and not the other way around. And chances are you will NEVER wear that dress again! And this dress I am rocking didn’t even break my daughters piggy bank – seriously.

  2. Before you even enter some high-end boutique or decide to have something custom-made take a browse through a vintage store, charity shop, a boutique that hires out dresses or heck just borrow one from a friend or family member! That saying old something borrowed something blue – no one said you can’t borrow the dress! I favour charity shops, because stuff is usually donated with a good heart and whatever you pay gets ploughed back to a good cause. Win-Win and the planet is happy.

  3. Fit and comfort is key. So, head to a local tailor and get it altered and possibly add some beading or perhaps change up the sleeves. Now that you have your base at a steal the possibilities are limitless – go wild or just accessories like I did – see deets below

  4. If you are buying pre-loved don’t forget to Dry Clean please

So now that you found your dress that fits like a dream – how do you take it to another level

  1. Accessories are key, I am always going to be a high-Low end sorta girl. So, if you are going to splurge on an accessory make sure it's something you're gonna use time and time again. Enjoy the beauty of this item on the day and use it as a reminder of that special day.

  2. Jewellery can totally elevate your look; check out my wearable art earrings from Coast and Koi.

  3. A belt is like everything to me; cinches me in at the waist, it’s a pop of colour, as in the case of my rug inspired belt; it adds texture to it as well an element of interest. That belt’s sure to be a talking point.

  4. Shoes - now that one’s a little controversial – for me comfort has to be key. You really don’t want to be hobbling around on your wedding day. It’s a great way to introduce some personality onto the scene. Let’s be honest there are not many of us that dress like this on a regular basis – so shoes might be a great way to introduce some of your everyday style into the mix. I love me some ankle boots and these from Zara don’t disappoint, the pop of black and white is totally unexpected. It's my kinda shouldn’t but does work style. Bonus-they are super comfortable. I have seen other brides get some custom - made sneakers and even rocked cowboy boots with great success.

  5. A veil – Super cheap alternatives here, seriously – any piece of beautiful fabric will do – check around at your local fabric store and be creative. A shawl/duppatta, piece of saree fabric for an Indo-western look or even a delicate table cloth could work perfectly as a veil.

  6. Shades or not too … well I am a sorta editorial girl so yes please; but hey fingers crossed its sunny outside. If so rock some quirky shades in a couple of shots, please!!! These MRP shades tied in perfectly with my retro inspired vibe.

Right so you have the dress and perfect accessories what next:

Hair, Make Up and pose like you on the cover of vogue:


  1. Right that one's easy – a low bun side or centre path is a never fail, always classic and chic. More of you less about the hair. If you worried about the perfect bun, no fear just buy a faux bun and clip it on. Some hair spray for fly a ways and there you have it no mess, no fuss and done if 5 mins.

  2. Or if you want to leave your hair down, how about some easy curls – make every girl look a little something-something extra on your special day? Finish it off in a side path with a little vintage hair slide?

Make Up

  1. Many options here - if you want a professional budget-friendly alternative - head over to your local Mac counter – they charge you a fee which they offer as a discount off the purchase of products. So, essentially the service is free, and you get to buy and keep the makeup which will be awesome for touch up’s. Remember to make a booking and take an example of what you would like to look like. I always suggest a neutral glowing look with nudes and golden tones. Flattering to all skin tones and you can just rev up the blush and or lip stick as you please.

  2. Pay a make-up artist to give you a trial/lesson using your own make up – that way you can learn the technique and use make up you already own.

  3. Watch You Tube videos and practice, if all else fails, a bold lip will get you everywhere. I wanted to do my own make up, like being in control and the worst thing is have someone make you look like someone else on your wedding day. And remember make changes as the day goes on, why not? Just add a bold lip and maybe darken your eyeline at the reception. That way you get two looks for the price of one.

  4. If you find a make- up artist, you are comfortable working with possibly ask for a free trial run.

  5. Now, some make- up artists do hair as well so it's worth asking if they can do a hair & makeup combo?


Now here, practice and confidence are key. You also need to be comfortable with your photographer and try and relax …. have fun. If you’re not confident with posing I suggest you tell your photographer to give you good direction – as to where to look and how to angle your body – I always do. Winner posing tips:

  1. Outdoors – find the light –you seriously want a glow… face the to the sun girls

  2. You don’t need to smile in all the pictures, you will end up with locked jaw! Seriously though confidence works magic and there are no eye wrinkles😊

  3. If you’re on the shorter side, sitting is great – stairs and chairs please – Think Regal! Think Raani!

And as I keep reminding myself; magic happens when you have the right spirit.So, make something unique, be more fabulous without waste, spend-less, upcycle, recycle, be kind to those you love and our planet.

Later my beautiful and brides to be. We have this glamourous bride- to- be thing down to a fine tune. Next time we can talk about the less so glamourous bits of figuring the wife thing out😊

And a huge thank you to these amazing collaborators:

Photo Cred: @bezayd

Hair, Make-Up and Styling: Me @laaniraani

Earings and Poncho: Coast and Koi

Dress: No Label Laani Raani Customised

Shoes: Zara

Location: Zollanvari Rugs

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