Print on Print Like a PRINT’CESS

Now this is a trend that never ends – print on print is a staple dose of fabulousness – like the perfect blend of mixed masala! Add some spice to your wardrobe – mix your fav prints to recreate some magic that will be sure to make you stand out and might just even grab the attention of your PRINTS Charming – sorry just couldn’t help myself. Now for my print’cess magic: I literally threw on this outfit and then realised that this is a pretty accurate description of me ‘embracing my diversity’ – how?

Take my top – well, it’s an old kurti print top I purchased at a street market in Mumbai about 10 years ago. I had it customised into a dress right there on the street. I loved the Indian print! It had that perfect retro vibe – straight outta the 60’s – but the cut was all wrong and completely unflattering, so I convinced the tailor at the stall to add some darts and a full zip and turn the top into a mini dress – he off course thought I was insane. I drew him a sketch and he gauged my measurements by barely looking at me and the rest was mini dress heaven. So, of course I decided to wear it as a top here😊 Promise to show you just how cute it looks as a body con mini dress soon! My skirt has that Tribal African feel with the perfect flattering cinched in waist, full circle high-low silhouette. And the pièce de résistance -my ankle boots – again an old birthday gift from my mum – yes, my mum has bought me a pair of fab shoes for my birthday ever since I can remember. These beauties where a gift soon after the birth of my daughter and I was seriously wondering what my mum was thinking - sky high zebra print heels and a screaming baby with colic just don’t work …. ever. In hindsight I will give my mum total credit, timing was wrong but she totally got that animal print will never ever go outta fashion. And yes, zebra print or well any combination of black & white always works the trick.

So, there you have me, embracing my diversity – Indian-African Prints’ Cess.

And remember, rules, regulations and formulas often don’t have life in them – be a rebel and make your own.



Photo credit: Radz Photography Cape Town

Location: The Andros Deluxe Botique Hotel

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