H&M ERDEM: Free Styling

OMG we are so in the swing of the silly season, so best I take a deep breath and remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.

But in actuality sometimes, it's all about the stuff and every ounce of me wants to rebel. Yes, over-consumerism is alive and kicking. We live in a seriously fast paced world – forget fast food – fast fashion is the real thing.

So, hold up, one can in fact be inspired by the latest trends without the need to offend one’s credit card. Talking about trends the H&M ERDEM collaboration launched last month is anything but a trend and that’s why I am in love. To tell you the truth I hadn’t heard of ERDEM before this collaboration, so high-five to H&M for spreading the love to the masses. I love the romantic, feminine & totally refined collection. The frills on the Victorian inspired blouses do not disappoint, vintage floral prints and wearable slip dresses are all poetry in motion.

And so, as you might have already gathered I am an old school vintage classic sort of girl and this is definitely my kind of slow fashion. My challenge was how to use the collaboration as INSPO but spend ZERO. It’s what I call “FREE-STYLING”. Anyway, who wants to spend a small fortune on a dress that tons of other people are most likely gonna buy?

Look 1

I am wearing a floral pajama style shirt from MRP, an old Primark lace dress for texture, a black tutu underskirt for volume, cinched in my waist with a satin belt and finished it off with an oh-so versatile pair of leopard print heels. Clever thing I did was to button up the shirt and lift the collar to recreate a Victorian inspired collar.

Look 2

I have paired a filly cream blouse I bought years ago with a flea market find sari wrap skirt. Finished the look off with some cream gloves from my gran, pompom socks from next and a pair of super comfy heels from Zara.

Look 3

Awesome Ted Baker floral dress I bought ages ago at an outlet mall, Zara button up black blouse with an interesting collar and my favorite corset-style leather belt and a pair of military styled leather boots.

Look 4

I love a bit of Asian spice so with this one used I my favourite Chinese collar dress, yet another flea market find I haggled for in Hong Kong a decade ago. Threw over my black tutu again to add some volume and texture....and voila…

I do like a challenge all right, so come on Free Styler…yip shop your own wardrobe, seriously you will be surprised as to what you can find!

Creating magic every day!


Laani Raani

Check out some of the key H&M ERDEM pieces on which I have based my look :

*Loving the super matt makeup, totally breathable and ultra clean – sometimes less is definitely more by the super talented ONQ.

* Flower powered magic – Using water wise indigenous bouquets created using pink Fynbos, pincushions and dried proteas

** Photo credit – The super woman herself RADZ – making dreams come true and sprinkling her fairy dust even in the rain.

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