Ath-LUX Sporty with some extra SPICE

So much for a staycation I ended up visiting Durban over the holidays…eek. Yip travelling on my own with two kids and catching a red-eye flight was well, let’s just say memorable. But we made it, and it was so worth the travelling drama with this mama. Durban gave me all kinds of hometown feels especially spending time with both my grandma’s. Showing my kids my old school and the house, I grew up in was reminder that when life gives us lemon’s we make Achar or pickle 😊 My granny’s stories and even my government school education and pretty basic childhood home was a reminder that life’s really what you make of it. And thank you to my grandparents and parents for showing me how to dream big and work hard to make it happen.

Durban is such a cultural high for the senses and now that winter is coming and it’s time to hit the streets like a Boss – a comfy cosy boss with a hint of LUX (Luxury in case your wondering – sister with a PHD was confused too!). Lux, because we are a tad bit on the fancy side. Now, I have seen the word Athleisure floating around! Essentially, it's taking your gym gear and making it wearable without your workout routine – so basically you look sporty, chic and comfy without breaking a sweat😊 So, perhaps a pair some well fitted track joggers with a formal shirt, a blazer or tailored jumper and finished off with a pair of heels or ankle boots. For a layered look, why not pair a cropped hoodie underneath your blazer and if you're feeling the chill finish the look off with a wide brimmed hat or knitted beret. And that pretty much what all the cool kids are doing but I have to be different! The best part about this look is that you can pretty much shop your existing wardrobe for the key pieces. This look was shot while on holiday in Durban so I just shopped in my granny's, sister's and even brother-in-law's closet. The key elements to adding some Indian Retro Lux like I did:

  1. Add a some over the top bold jewellery- loving this antique boho piece or why not try a highly decorated choker for a touch of regal opulence.

  2. Waist not want not – cinch it in sister – corset style belts are big this season -check out my custom Laani Raani sari inspired belt

  3. Hi – Tops – comfy hidden heel wedge sneakers for some street glamour and height. I have had mine for years, so suggest you find something good quality and versatile which you can use for years to come.

  4. Metallic ankle boots!! They are everywhere this season – now these gold beauties you have seen me rock since the beginning of my blog are 3 years old from Zara – fashion fast forward they are making it big once more. See, key pieces never really go outta style- just like a good attitude to life😊

Go on then, give it a try and turn it up or turn it down depending on your level of fanciness feels.

Just add spice

Laani Raani

Photo Credit: @Keith.reuben

Hair, make-up and Styling: @laaniraani

Shoes: Zara

Belt and jewelry: @laaniraani

Pants: Adidas (Vintage)

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