The Green Tapestry The Collection

Good morning from the house of #Laaniraani. I say this quite literally given that this collection was created in my quirky little home studio. It’s has lived and breathed in the same space that I do!

It’s an emotionally expressive collection which mirrors the ups and downs and in and outs of this journey I’ve embarked on. No doubt, there's a little bit of my heart in each and every piece.

With pretty much zero resources, this collection has spurred on the growth of a few grey hairs, which I happily accept.

At the heart of my collection is the classic full circle skirt. I’ve produced just 10 of these beauties in total, each taking around 2 weeks to complete. These Hessian based skirts provided the perfect canvas to weave the stories closest to my heart - love, motherhood and nature. Every single woven strand is a combination vintage fabric handed down from my gran and from reclaimed offcuts from t-shirt making factories in Woodstock.

This was truly a zero waste, sustainable project with the shortest supply chain this accountant has yet to see.

Thank you to my family, crafter and my housekeeper for helping me marry art and fashion in a conscious way without zero commercial intent.

This, my friends, is the stuff of dreams and I have the greatest sense of relief and joy that I am finally able to share this with the world.

Not bad for the somewhat geeky, chic accountant. I have a feeling @suzymenkesvogue will approve 💚♻