Sugar in the Blood The Collection

Here's a litle insight into what inspired my latest collection ~ Sugar in the blood ~ I stumbled across the term meritocracy whilst reading an article on how get a fee remission on my accountancy professional fees. Turns out that was probably one of the best article I could have read at the time. Unfortunately, the fee remission didn't come to be BUT, I plugged into the lovely, yet not so novel, idea that you can be ridiculously more than what are born into. And thank goodness for that. It got me thinking. Some of the great leaders Mandela, Ghandi… they had the humblest of beginnings with the furthest reach from the proverbial silver spoon. Yet through hard work, grit and determination, there can be beauty even from ashes. I pondered on this thought, a piece of tired looking frayed hessian in my hand, and a long, excellently draped hessian skirt immaculately poised on a mannequin two meters away. Beauty from ashes. Sugar from sugar cane. Prisoner become president, slave becomes activist. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have loved creating them💚