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March 27, 2018


So, travelling is amazing – a feast for the senses – food for your soul sorta thing.  It literally broadens your mind, opens your heart and lets you escape from your reality – it’s a dream that the pictures never quite do justice.  


Some of my happiest memories as a couple are of me and big wandering around the world,  getting lost and finding little untouristy spots. I could spend an entire holiday just walking and people watching. I hate resorts -  I am a gypsy at heart wanting to haggle at markets, have really animated muted conversations due to the language barrier. I want to be a local – I want to feel lost and yet somewhat found in this vast world.


 Wonderful, right?  So, introduce two kids into the mix and this just doesn’t have the same appeal – food poisoning, heat stroke and flight delays are all too very real and certainly don’t conjure up thoughts of romantic holidays abroad. A visit to Disneyland or even worse Peppa Pig Land are most likely on my horizon.  But then one Saturday afternoon I got dressed up (well threw on an awesome pair of Coast and Koi silk pj’s) and we headed into this beautiful city I now call home – without a plan just wandering and guess what … we most certainly conjured up some romantic faraway vibes with two kids right here in Cape Town and the bonus – no airports, no long haul nightmare flights or jet lag.


 My African city can literally transport you around the global village -influenced by Dutch,  Portuguese, Cape Malay and off course our indigenous people - Cape Town truly reflects the diversity of a multi-cultural city.  Depending on how best you function – you can literally hit the road with no real plan – just a pocket full of sunshine, sunblock and snacks or you can spend a couple of hours on trip adviser and plan like a real tourist in your hometown.  And remember there’s pretty much one of those hop on hop off buses in every major city – and yes, we have all been on the one’s in Europe without feeling too cheesy so why not catch on in your own city – they are pretty reasonably priced and very convenient for those with mini humans.  Another thing I just love are those free walking tours that most Cities have. I have been on loads in Europe and they have been hands down amazing.  All tours work on tips alone, they usually require no booking and meet at a central point in the city.  They are usually 90min to 2hrs – awesome way to see your city and its hidden gems with a bunch of tourists! See that’s a foreign experience in itself.  Don’t forget the pram if you have a toddler – otherwise it’s really a nice stroll with many opportunities for rest along the way.


So come on then,  forget about the hassle of travelling and make the most of your holiday – time to ignite some holiday magic and explore all that your City has to offer on its doorstep.


Happy Holiday










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