Orange is the New Black

March 13, 2018

Well not quite, but it’s working its magic.  Tangerine, burnt orange, rust if you must, hell even a good ole pop of Fanta orange – spells fun; full stop.  Orange is the only colour that shares its name with a fruit – so when you see orange your brain can almost smell and taste the fruit.  It’s really a sensory overload – warms you right up in the autumn and in winter it conjures up thoughts of the leaves turning all kinda gorgeous shades of orange – I can smell the fragrance of a scented cinnamon and orange peel candle burning and in summer vibrant orange is just fun in the sun.


Now just to settle the score, I am most certainly still shopping straight out of my closet #sustainablefashion!  Orange has a vintage vibe right, something about the 60’s I guess and it also has a typically spicy eastern something-something.  I am hooked – check me out looking all global chic in my Victoria Beckham (from Target might I add) mini skirt with an awesome scalloped pocket – Thank You VB; I’m loving the High end – Low end vibe.


My Chinese collared Indian block print top is in fact a kurti top that I had customized into a mini dress on the streets of Mumbai over ten years ago.  My rings – African seed bead hand made beauties I picked up from a local craft market and the pièce de résistance my hand made work of art adorning my feet; Moroccan inspired boubouch shoes from my awesome and fabulous friends at Coast and Koi.  Shot at the Zoya rugs.  So, there you have me working the high- end most low-end magic and travelling all around the world without breaking the bank and travelling less than a 1km for my home.  Now you don’t need to go full blown orange as I did. Go shop your wardrobe – show me what you got and we can work some magic for sure.  A pop of orange painted nails or some fab earrings count too so go wild and orange you glad orange is in😊


 Soul food and other bits on my mind this week – kids grow up way too soon so hold up and enjoy the magic of childhood – breathe through the hard stuff and just keep going. I say this covered in peanut butter reading Dora’s tea party to my two year old whilst typing – so if my writing is somewhat unbalanced and scatter-brained it’s only because such is life.


Be blessed! Have a peachy orangy day!




Photo Cred:  @bezayd

Hair, Make-Up and Styling:  Me @laaniraani

Clutch Bag: @laaniraani

Shoes: Coast and Koi 

Top/Dress: No Label Laani Raani Customised

Skirt: Victoria Beckham for Target

Location: Zollanvari Rugs

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