Orient Express...Choo Choo

January 30, 2018

 Now ladies, insight tells me that at least 95% of you are of the stronger sex ...I don’t know what station in life you may be at, if you’ve missed your train, if you're travelling by coach or 1st class … but here comes the express or should I say the “Orient Express” version of what’s been heavy on my heart this week

Life can be tough; we all go through some pain, heartbreak, rejection and self-doubt at times. Some of us may have faced life threatening illnesses, the loss of a loved one or even worse.  You might have, and I certainly have questioned God – why me, why am I here, why now?  Be still and know that whatever you have faced in life thus far or that which is to come – has been planned – there is most certainly purpose in your pain!  It's pretty much like the lyrics from Kanye West's song – ‘N-now -that that don't kill me!  Can only make me stronger!’   

So, for now keep on moving forward, Taylor Swift it and Shake it off as best you can – your pain does change you, but you can make it for the better and don’t be bitter.

Make this a life a blessing to other’s – that no matter what the situation, you can do great things.  Each and every one of us is equally favoured by God -  and you most certainly are destined to live an amazing life no matter your story or even which side of the track you're from😊

Look right, look left and right again – move forward and as always let your little light shine


Laani Raani


Oh yeah, I am supposed to be a style blogger – for most people the pictures are inspired by a story but for me it works in reverse – when I see the pictures I see my story.  This was such an epic day and I am glad to have the pictures to prove it –  Images where shot by my super talented, kind - hearted seven-year-old daughter and a couple by my favourite adult, Mr Big – he mostly acted as a bodyguard and entertainer to the two year old boss baby of mine.  I have wanted to shoot on a train since forever – just something Indian in me I guess.  Also, boss baby has wanted to go on a train for ages.  Probably this wasn’t the safest option and is nothing like Thomas - but he sure had fun – we all did!  I literally pulled one of my gran's sarees, dumped it in a bag which worked as an accessory and my go to Zara gold boots, did my make up in the car and headed to Muizenberg.  No real vision, no fancy equipment – all shot on my phone – just all happy and open hearts.


  Behind the scenes:


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