2018!! Knock Knock

Love the freedom of speech and movement. Too bad I can't dance but I’m sure blessed with a mouth👄. I’m a brown woman, skinny on the outside but super strong inside and out. I come from good "stock":smart, creative and hardworking immigrants. I’m a mother to two amazing humans who shape the person I am today: body-mind-soul. I’m a wife to a man that has captured my heart and freed my spirit. I am a bad ass game changing accountant and have worked on some of the worlds most favoured brands. I was a beauty queen on the pageant scene long before the days of Instagram. I can cook, bake, paint, sew and style my way. The ‘FreeWay’ has no limits, no boundaries, no fears, just love, passion and drive - 100% heart and soul.

And if you’re wondering, I am 37 and have owned every single day -the good and the oh so hard days. I have had my share of heartbreak, rejection, could’ve, should’ve and so many “Almost Moments” I lost count.

And now on the brink of a new year, yes, I am older, hopefully wiser and a little bit smarter realising that it’s always the perfect moment to enjoy what’s right in front of you. Live in the presence, be present but dream oh so big & bold. Yip, it’s never too late, the timing is never perfect, you will never be prepared enough but through the grace of God … wait patiently for your number to be called and step up to the challenge.

So, do your dance and be free and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No to sexism, ageism, racism, colourism and another ism you can find.

You don’t require a label or an expiry date ... 2018…let’s go! Are you with me?

Big on Life

Laani Raani

• My Look – We all have that dress, that impulse purchase just waiting for the perfect body and a special occasion – well neither might arrive – so wear that fancy dress and pair it with a shirt and a simple belt, like I did to make it wearable. The dress is hand beaded in India, I picked it up for a steal from TK Maxx in Ireland 6 years ago and teamed it up with my good old favourite semi-accountant shirt from Zara and off course my blog-worthy gold boots, also from Zara. My clutch is one of my latest customised upcycled creations using vintage beaded fabric, feathers, leather and African seed beads.

Location: The Amazing Andros Botique Hotel in Claremont Cape Town

Photo Credit: Radz Photography

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