Hello, and thank you for popping by,

​I have always loved surprise visitors. Nothing makes me happier than a chat with old and new  friends.


​I might as well point out that I don't fit in, and, I sorta like it that way.  An eclectic South African-Indian- Irish hybrid chick, if you must.  I am actually an accountant but broke that mould.  I am a girl that likes fusing the ‘something old’ with the ‘something new’.  Yes, I shop in my own closet all the time, actually in my grandmothers and moms too.  I love the feeling of creating something of my very own by mixing trendy pieces with vintage finds.  I have always loved fashion and have fond memories playing dress up with my mum’s dresses or trying to sew something I liked in a fashion magazine. My dear grandma can happily recall me as a teenager keeping her up all night.  She would say a little prayer and we would work our magic on her old Singer sewing machine trying to bring to life my designs.   


​If I had to define my sense of style it would certainly be a trio of girly chic, classic staples and a quirky twist.   I don't take fashion too seriously so expect bold patterns, an ethnic vibe and well the ‘pouffier’ the skirt the better.

​Yes, I'm a bit of a DIY, cut and paste girl...creativity is in my DNA.  I am happiest creating so DIY is food for my soul.  If anyone has ever wondered what goes on in my head, welcome to my home.  I decorate my home in pretty much the same way I dress.  I am not afraid, bold some would say for my choices. I am driven by the things I love and everything I wear or have in my home has a story.        

So, come join me in the beautiful city of Cape Town as we travel through my ever-evolving style journey.  I hope to impact those around me in a positive way, to spread happiness and to create the impossible.  Together with my amazing husband and our two little kids, we welcome you to my closet and our quirky home, which I imagined, and my husband brought to life.

Thank you for reading my blog and let’s stay friends forever.

And the name you may ask "LAANIRAANI"? Laani is a colloquial name for boss, person in the ‘know’ in South Africa and Raani is the Sanskrit word for Queen.  Laani also means heavenly or rare in Hawaiian. So, to be honest I really didn’t put much thought into the name, it just came to me and as with most things in my life- if I love it I roll with it!  To me LAANIRAANI is a girl who shows up, gets noticed and makes her own magic along the way